Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Plethora of Gifts.........

Greetings Scrappy Quiltmakers!

March has shown me kindnesses beyond compare thus far!

A plethora of gifts!

First and foremost.......
I want to thank all of you who sent prayers and well wishes for my sweet little Momma!
Your friendship is an amazingly wonderful gift to me and my family!

Mom's tests went well, and we received
good news from her Cardiologist!
He encouraged her to keep doing what she's doing
and if any changes occur to let him know,
but, she should continue to do well.
My mother and I

Huffman's Hotties made an appearance at the
Hannibal Piecemakers Quilt Guild in
Hannibal, Missouri!
This guild was so welcoming and I truly
appreciated the hospitality and friendships made there.

My long time friend Debby came to support 
me during my presentation in Hannibal!
Thank you so much Debby!
It was great being able to catch up
after such a long time!

I was also able to share with the 
St. Louis Star Quilt Guild.
This guild was a hoot!
We all had a great time laughing and sharing
scrappy quilts with each other!
Thanks to Sue for the recommendation!

Thanks to these two great guilds for hosting me.......
again, gifts of many friendships were made!

Working slowly, but, surely,
block by block on the 
hosted by

This has been a wonderful experience, especially
since I have never tried to replicate a quilt
in this manner before.
Again, I am embracing the inspiration quilt's "mistakes."
It really is a study in analysis and observation, and getting to know
what I have to work with in my Civil War repro scraps.
I found the perfect red to use as the sashing!
Another gift of quilt making.....patience.

Two quilters have been so kind to share scraps
and notions with me from their personal collections.
Ruth and Deborah.......thank you so much
for these bountiful gifts!

I gifted myself these
AccuQuilt Studio dies to add
to my collection!  I can't wait to try these out
with some projects I have in mind!

Look what hatched!
More chickie babies to add to the farm!
Incubating eggs is so rewarding.......
and those cackleberries!
The gift of about a yummy gift!

And look at the gift I received
in the mail the other day!
My quilting buddy Alycia of
sent me all of this delicious
Chicken/Rooster fabric!
The Quilt Cave in in need of another
 Chicken quilt!  This is going to be fun
to make!

And, not that I believe in reading fortunes......
much less fortune cookies......
I did receive the following message
in a fortune cookie recently while
celebrating my friend Mike's birthday.......

what gifts may be on the horizon for
Kevin the Quilter????????

Thanks again for the gift of all of your quilty friendships!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Marching into March

Happy March 1st Quilting Friends!

Already the 3rd month of 2018......hard to believe, isn't it?

Speaking of Quilty Friends.......
This is my amazingly talented Quilty Friend
Teajuana Mahone of Teaquilts!
Please visit her website, and visit
her on her various social media sites as well.

is a link to her Youtube channel.

Tea visited us at 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter,
and shared some beyond amazing works of art!
All of our participants were so inspired by her
and her fun spirited presentation covering
ALL uses for various types of scraps!
Thanks so much for visiting us Tea!
I appreciate your friendship so much!

Speaking of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter....
Alongside our Improved Nine Patch creations.....

We are making...........

Fidget Quilts to donate!

These are so much fun to make, and are so useful
for those suffering with memory problems.
Dolan Memory Care Homes is building a
new facility in our vicinity
that will use these quilts as teaching tools for
it's residents.

We received several of these Fidget Quilts during our
February meeting, and I look forward to seeing 
many more of these creative little quilts at our 
future gatherings.
If you are interested in donating a Fidget Quilt
along with us, please contact me personally on the
blog for more details.

Spring is just around the corner, and look at this
carrot that I found!
This came wrapped up from my good friend
That's a lovely Civil War Repro FQ
and some very needed Featherweight bobbins!
Thanks Dar!!!!!

This little guy was the friendliest little dude!
He was being watched by his Grandma at
Quilt4U in Columbia, MO.
A small group of friends went on a shop hop
and, as usual, I didn't buy much.....but, 
I DID get this masterpiece of a drawing he is
working on!

OK, so, I did recently cave into an online
Quilt Along.......
Have you seen these posts by my friends....

Lori at Humble Quilts
Wendy at The Constant Quilter ?????

You twisted my arm quilters!!!!!!

One of my favorite Quilt Book authors,
is hosting the
Please visit the above links to
register and become a part of this 
fascinating creation.
It isn't too late to join!!!!
Registration is absolutely free, and
Mary Elizabeth has painstakingly
and brilliantly shared insights on this 
antique masterpiece we are being inspired by.

Which leads me to my next thought......
have you ever tried to replicate a vintage work?
I mean, REAAAAAAAAAALLLLY tried.....using
similar fabrics, prints, and patterns?
I haven't, but, I am doing so with the
Foothills Quilt Along
because I am so intrigued by the 
inspiration quilt.

Are my fabrics EXACTLY like those in
the antique,
it has been a fun lesson for me thus far
in really getting to know the fabrics I have to work with.

Again, I am replicating the original quilt......
MISTAKES and all........
here are few of the blocks I have completed.......

This process takes me back to the several art classes 
I had in college in the manner of taking a work
and trying to recreate it as best as we could.
I am thoroughly enjoying myself here!
Thanks Mary Elizabeth!

Look what I stumbled upon in an antique mall recently?
For $20, I couldn't pass this one up!
It has a very unique finishing around the edge,
and the fabrics appear to be older than when
the quilt was made.

In family news...........

How on EARTH did my Lil Sugar Doll
turn 20 years old?????
Oh my!
I can still hear her running through the house
as a little toddler with me chasing her
and her laughing and yelling...

I was able to spend some quality time with 
both my niece and nephew while
celebrating my niece's birthday.
Of course Lilly Mae tagged along too!

Mousing around with Mr. Puss E. Paws 
aka Valentino!

My 16.5 year old diabetic cat went in for his annual
evaluations at the Vet.  This is truly one of the world's greatest 

And my 11 year old Sophia Annabella had her
yearly dental at the Vet.  She HATES going to the Vet,
but, it is one of those things that truly does help
her health and has to be done.
She did fine during her procedure, and will eventually
talk to me again........SIGH

In closing, for those of you who are
willing to send some prayers on behalf 
of my sweet little Momma....
she is undergoing some tests on her heart.
We are praying everything is precautionary,
but, my Mom is consumed with fear.
Thanks in advance for thinking of her!

Thanks for being a friend!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, February 16, 2018

Full Throttle February......

Hey everybody!

Those of you who have read my blog for the past few years KNOW that February is a non stop month for me.

Even more so than most months are!

SO APPROPRIATE for a flight attendant!
Being poked, gouged, hit, or swatted at by a 
passenger on the plane is one of my least favorite things
in the entire world!
A fellow flight attendant was wearing this pin on her
apron, and I had to share it! LOL

While doing my flight attendant re-certification training
I was able to visit with my friends Sam and Dan.
They treated me to Lou Malnati's
deep dish pizza in Chicago.
Although it was good, I prefer Girodano's
when it comes to deep dish pizza.
Which is your favorite???

And this is Twinkie!
This is Sam and Dan's bulldog!
Whatta sweetie Twinkie is!

Birthdays are abundant for my family throughout February!
How on earth is my mother 39 again, and my Bubs 14????????
I think it is so special they share their birthday....
what a nice gift my sister gave my mom that year! LOL
Did you notice my nephew's birthday cake he decorated himself?
I think that may be subliminal messaging!!!!

I was treated to a gift in the mail from Rosemary!

All Purpose cards handmade by her!
These are so nice!
This is from a photo I posted on my blog
that my friend Alycia of
took of Lilly Mae when she visited 
last summer.

Lilly Mae says thank you too Rosemary!

The repro blocks for Barb's
Churndash Swap Blocks
are completed!
I can't wait to see what I will get in return!

And you all know how handy my Dad is!
He made me this wonderful top for my ironing board.
I still need to get it covered, but, what a wonderful
ironing surface it is!
Lilly Mae is personally thanking PawPaw in this photo! LOL

And here are a few photos from my design wall.......


And I leave you with this funny........

How many of you does this apply to?
I know it does me! LOLOLOL

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

At last, a reference from Kevin.......

Wanted:  Secretary with excellent computer skills in pdf's and blogging
Pay: fresh eggs count? all KNOW I need a secretary!  I just can't pull it all together as of late! 
I do apologize for being MIA on the blogging front!

I have been reading blogs as best I can while I try to fly, work on the home front, and quilt!
My apologies for not commenting!

OK, so here are some updates in a nutshell......

My face when Scrap Club is back up and running!
Our first meeting for Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
was held on Jan 25th.
I can't believe 3 months have passed so quickly!

Although I won't be providing all of the info I present 
at all of the Scrap Club meetings, 
those of you who are interested
can play along!
We are playing with a fun older quilt block this time:

"Improved Nine Patch"
"Glorified Nine Patch."

We voted on this block design at the close of last year's
"Sapphire Stars" mystery quilt.
And, I have seen a lot of interest forming via the
intertube, I mean, interweb, I mean internet....

Barbara Brackman
did a wonderful post about the 
"Improved Nine Patch Quilt"
on her Cloud of Quilt Patterns page.

And, on her Material Culture page, she
did a post of a circular quilt
which is similar in regard to the arc placement.

And, of course,
Eleanor Burns of 
simplified this "challenging to piece"
block on her Youtube channel.
I encourage you to watch this very helpful video if 
you would like to play along?
I will be sharing how I made a template for my arcs
without using a specialty ruler in a future post.
It is easier than you may think!

And, lo and behold........
while browsing one of my favorite antique malls.....
I literally stumbled across this wonderful
"Improved Nine Patch" quilt!
($24 for a "cutter quilt" according to the seller with 20% off!)
This quilt in my opinion is 
definitely from the 1930s when this pattern first originated.
This was a wonderful sample to help inspire us at our
first Scrap Club meeting.

Insert cute puppy pic......
I LOVE it when Antique Malls are pet friendly!

Moving along.........

Scrap Quilters were bustling about our new meeting locale
for Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter:
in O'Fallon, Missouri.
You have to check this place out!
It is so cool!
If you are close to O'Fallon, Missouri and would like to 
join us at Scrap Club, feel free!

Mike, and his lovely wife own our new venue.
What a wonderful way to show our appreciation
to them for giving us a place to meet
than to award Mike with a Quilt of Valor on
behalf of Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
for his military service to our country.

This handsome guy is at least 16.5 years old this month!
I adopted Valentino at the end of January in 2004.
At that time, they estimated him to be at least 2.5 years old.
What a joy he has been........such a good, GOOD boy!
He definitely likes to inspect my work while I am sewing.
(More like CUDDLE time!)

Another reason my sewing gets delayed!
How on earth could you say no to a grin like this?
Sophia can hardly stand for her belly to be tickled!
This is her face as I was doing it!

I was FINALLY able to get some good quality
sewing time in with my Quilt of Valor, Eastern Missouri friends!
This quilt top was made in a few hours by four of us.
We think this pattern may be called
"Road to St. Louis?"
16 patches and snow ball blocks (two sides only)
created a wonderful future Quilt of Valor.
This was my friend Ree that hosted and 
conceptualized the pattern for us.
Thanks Ree, Dar, and Linda for the fun sewing day!

I have also been having some
in her annual block swap!
This year's churn dash block swap filled up
in record time according to her!
I am participating in the Civil War Repro swap.
Her swaps are so successful because
 she is such a delight....and so much...... FUN!

My ladies continue to provide me with delicious eggs!

And, a change of decor.........
Isn't this chicken quilt fun?
This was gifted to me by my quilting friend Bev.
The quilting is great on it with chicken wire and

Thanks to ALL of you whom have recently contacted me with your concerns if I am OK or not?!?!!  It means so much to me knowing there are people out there that care about me and my well being!  Quilters truly are the best people around in my opinion!  Retirement can't come soon enough!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter