Monday, May 14, 2018

Removing the Daisies.........

 Happy belated Mother's Day Quilting Friends!

You KNOW I spent the day with my precious Momma
and talented Sister!  Of course the entire Hee Haw gang was there too.....
but, you get the picture!
I hope all of the mothers out there had a blessed Mother's Day!

Filling you in............

Here is the quilt I sent to my swap partner, Debby, in Oregon.
It is untitled, because I couldn't think of a good name for it!

However, it is very scrappy made with 52 different fabrics.
23.75" x 18.5"
It was a lot of fun to construct.

I received these gifts in the mail!
Cheryl of
sent me the adorable Boston Terrier Salt & Pepper shakers
and note pad.....
and Priscilla in Connecticut sent me the
beautiful friendship star block with featured Rooster
fabric!  She also sent me some vintage chicken fabric
as well as another chicken friendship star block!
Thank you ladies so much for your friendships and thoughtfulness!

It's finally planting season around these parts!
I LOVE these African Marigolds.

Have you all ever grown lettuce like this?
Well, it works!  And, I can't wait to eat some!
To the right is some dill I will place in the garden
once it is tilled.  LONG story there....but, it is finally getting done!

I am so proud of my barn quilt my sister made me!
I don't want it fading too quickly, and the front
porch here at the Quilt Cave is the perfect spot for it!

Any guesses as to which Bonnie Hunter pattern this is
I am currently working on???? LOL

Here is a throwback photo!
My sis will have been married 24 years in a few short days.
Time to start thinking about her Silver Anniversary quilt!

An antique find at a new to me Antique Mall near me.

Which brings me to the chicken pic of this blog post.....

Meet Oreo!
Oreo is a Light Brahma hen and is a large breed chicken.
She is quite docile, and lays a large cream colored egg.
Don't you love her feathered feet?

I can't believe my little Sugar Doll 
graduated Junior College......
she is ready for her next step in
becoming a Veterinarian!

Meet Robert E. Lee.....aka Little Bubs.
I helped him with his costume for his living history
presentations at his middle school.
He did a really good job, and it was fun helping
him recreate an outfit from the past.

In closing......I would like to share with you all a couple of 
house hold tips that have been working nicely
for me here at the Quilt Cave......

Have you ever tried to remove wall paper borders?
It's time for these daisies to say goodbye!
I have found that full strength Downy
applied with a sponge has helped in the removal of this.
It comes off in 2 layers......the print of the daisies comes off first...
then I reapply the Downy to the glue and paper that remains.
I have been pleasantly surprised at the results!

And next.........

something that happens to the best of us this time of year.....

mildew on vinyl fencing.......
It's ugly, and makes your vinyl fencing 
and siding look unpleasant.
I thought I would share a really easy
way to remove this unwanted mildew with you all?

These three products can help you alleviate your mildew problems
for several months at a time.

Here is the recipe I use:
1/3 Cup Tide
1/2 Cup Cascade (Some recipes call for Spic-N-Span if you can find it?)
3/4 Cup Purex
3 Quarts Water
(I do admit, I add some bleach if I am treating a really dirty area.)

Mix these ingredients in a large bucket.....
Scrub affected area with mixture and scrub brush....
Rinse with water.....use a power washer if you have it.


A clean vinyl fence ready for quilts to be hung
on it for picture taking......
and of course it just looks nice and clean for 
backyard barbecues and such!

There you have it folks!
Some tried and true
hints and time savers from 
Ole' Uncle Kevin the Quilter.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Quilt Auction
University City, MO
I will be the auctioneer for this event!

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Flower Valley Quilting Guild
Lecture/Trunk show
Zion Lutheran Church
123 Carson Road
Ferguson, MO 63135

I hope to see you at one of these events!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, April 20, 2018

String Star Workshop with Kevin the Quilter

 Just look at these smiling faces.....mine included!

The Happy Hearts Quilt Guild in
Salem, Illinois hosted me for my "String Star" workshop.
This group of quilters couldn't be nicer, and I have 
thoroughly enjoyed my visits with them
the past couple of years.

There is a fellow "rooster" that quilts in this group!
It was a pleasure meeting you!

What a pleasure it was sharing the joys of string piecing fun
with them........just look!

Yummy recycled shirting strings....

A wonderful workshop venue.....

Show us your strings quilters!

Make a large diamond template from
telephone book pages, and sew down your strings.

Add the strings on one by one.....

Pick a color, any color.....

All different varieties of colors!

Diamonds coming together.......

but, first...........

What a wonderful array of 
salads and desserts were made!

And then, back to work after lunch......

and before long......


And look at Crystal's........ready for quilting!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her string pieced
borders, don't you????
AMAZEBALLS job Crystal!

I just can't express how much fun I had with all
of these quilters!
  What a wonderful group
you all have there in Salem, IL!

And, I would be remiss if I didn't share this pic I took with Tere.
Tere was instrumental in organizing this workshop.
However, she fell ill right before it, and was unable to make it
to the workshop.  I couldn't leave the area without making
a stop to visit with her!
Thanks Tere, and my prayers are with you for a quick

In other news...........

I recently participated in 
Doll Quilt Swap.
This is my 4th year to take part in it.
I just finished the doll quilt I made, and it is on
it's way to it's recipient in Oregon.
THIS is the quilt I received from Vicki in Nebraska!
Vicki took a personal approach from her home state
and made this "Laws' O' Massey" quilt.
She also included the pattern, a great card, and
some Nebraska fabric to boot!

Lilly Mae had her first birthday this past week!
It is so hard to believe she is already 1 year old!

She had a wonderful day, starting with a "Puppaccino"
from Starbucks with her sissy Sophia Annabella.


Needless to say, she thoroughly enjoyed her
birthday cookie and had a great day!
Could that face get any cuter?????


Meet Henny Penny!
Henny Penny is a sweet little
White Faced Black Spanish Bantam hen.
She was the tiniest little chick when I got her
and was frightened of EVERYTHING!
Thus, the reason for her name......but,
once she matured, she realized I was a good guy
and will even fly upon my shoulder now when 
I am in the coop with her.
She is such a pretty little bird, and a layer of
little white eggs.

In closing.......
I was able to reconnect with one of my most favorite
flight attendants in the world, Linda.
We hadn't flown together in 10 years!
Life happens!  
It was a joy catching up with her.
I want to thank those of you who individually
contacted me about my well-being
 concerning the recent horrific incident in the air.
I really appreciate your concern, and feel really loved.
Please remember those who were affected by this tragedy.

Until next time,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, April 13, 2018

Catching you all up.........

Sorry for a by gone week of no blogging.......

Perhaps the following photos will catch you all up to speed?

As I am sure with you all, life can sometimes be quite busy!

Antique Mall Find!
Isn't this fun?
How many of you have one of these?

I was able to spend Easter Sunday with my amazing family!
Easter Service, and then an amazing meal at my sister's home.

I was able to spend Easter night with my parents
and the next morning I woke to this........

My Dad's (almost) world famous Egg Sandwich!
My dad doesn't do a lot of cooking, but, he sure knows 
how to make an excellent egg sandwich!
Eggs compliments of my ladies.

Just ask my growing nephew Lil' Bubs
how good they are!

I had a nice visit with the 
Piece Mill Quilters
in West St. Louis County.
This group is small and exclusive.
What major talents lie within this group!
It was so much fun sharing with them!
Thanks for the invite Candy!

Remember Barb's Churndash swap????

May I introduce to you.......

"The Virgin Churndash"

Named so because I have never before made
a Churndash Quilt, and also for the amount
of muslin used in this quilt!

I was able to use 65 of the 66 blocks received in this amazing
swap!  The 66th block will be used for my label on the back.
Thank to everyone who participated!
It is really great when you have a vision, and it follows through,
And thanks again to Barb for hosting this swap!

I was majorly outside my "comfort zone" using such
large pieces of muslin as the setting for this quilt.
However, it IS scrappy, as there are several different
shades of muslin used.  I know it is hard to tell in the photo.
There is a quilting design planned to use up all of those
open spaces!

And in honor of Barb and her swap.......
She had a wonderful idea in her reply on my last blog post....
A chicken pic in each of my blog posts to introduce the flocks to you!

This is Lex!
Lex is an Old English Blue Bantam rooster.
He is EVERYTHING you want in a good rooster.
He manages his hens and coop so well without
being aggressive toward me.
I love his slate gray coloring, along with his gorgeous
red wattles and comb....and that black beak is to die for!
I actually have a quilt in the works to
honor him and his coloration.

In other chicken news......

Here is a size comparison of two different chickens that
are essentially the same age.... 2-3 weeks old.
On the left is a breed that is new to me......"Sapphire Gem."
On the right is a "Cornish Cross" meat breed chicken.
Isn't it amazing the size comparison?
I stumbled upon 14 of the cornish cross on clearance
and bought them to try them out.  These meat birds will
be ready for harvest in a few short weeks.
I have long wanted to raise my own food, and here is
the chance I was given.
The Sapphire Gem is an Eastern European breed that 
is docile, and lays well.  She will be added to my
laying flock of hens.
Thanks to my friend Mike for modeling the chickens for me! LOL

Springtime is blooming here in Missouri.
It is coming upon a year since the loss of my Gracie Lu.
There are so many memories of her, but, I love this
yard plaque I have to honor her.
Thanks again for all of your support during my season of
loss this time last year. will soon be Lilly Mae's 1st Birthday!
Oh yes!  She will have a party!
I wish you call could come help celebrate!

I just have to share this picture taken a few days ago
when I was able to take my parents on a road trip
to Mark Twain Lake, here in Missouri.
We had a great day visiting with my Aunt and Uncle
who own a plot near the lake.
Always take time to cherish those you love.

In closing,.......I would like to share a warning with you all.
I was placed on the drug "Lisinopril" a couple of years ago for blood pressure.
My mother had been placed on this same drug, and suffered an allergic
reaction very early on.  Her lip swelled, and she was immediately
taken off of the drug.
While my parents were visiting me here at the Quilt Cave this past week,
I suffered an allergic reaction after 2 years of taking this same drug.
My throat began to swell shut.
All I can say, is I am so thankful my parents were here with me.
I was rushed to the ER and everything is fine now.
I am NOT seeking sympathy here, rather,
I share this for those of you who may be on this same
drug for blood pressure, or diabetes to beware.
I had no warning that this was going to happen.
Through my experience, I hope I am able to keep this
from happening to you.
Take care of yourselves!

I am off to share my "String Star" workshop with the
Happy Hearts Quilt Guild in Salem, Illinois tomorrow!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter